Do I have to create i65 RoadMaps for both spouses?



I have a couple coming into my office that would like my help with Medicare. Do I have to run both individuals through i65 or can I just do one RoadMap?


(Created on 11/1/2018) Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends on the individual clients.

Illustration 1

Illustration 1

When you initially take clients through i65, you're presented with five general options to choose from that best represent the client's current situation. (Refer to Illustration 1) If both spouses select the same option and have relatively similar health and travel habits, you could potentially run just one RoadMap.

However, be sure to note that the Initial Enrollment period calendar, special enrollment period calculation, and the step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions may not be accurate for both spouses.

If the clients choose different options (Refer to Illustration 1), have different health or travel needs, it's much safer to run reports for both spouses.