RoadMap Report

Change a Disclaimer on Clients' RoadMaps



The disclaimer on our clients' RoadMaps needs to be updated. How can we do this?


To change the RoadMap disclaimer, be sure you're logged in as your company's administrative (master) user.

Once you are logged in, you'll see several links under the "Your i65 Customizations" header on the right side of the screen. In this list, click on the "RoadMap Disclaimer" link.

Make any/all changes to your disclaimer as needed and click "Save."


Change a Financial Advisor's Contact Information



I need to update the phone number that appears in my clients' RoadMap reports. How do I do this?


Each professional user assigns their own contact information that is not specifically set up on the organizational level - including phone numbers.

To change any user-level contact information, be sure you're logged in as the professional user that needs to update his/her information. Then, head to the "Hello, <First Name>" link in the upper-right corner of i65.


In the next screen that appears, update the contact information as needed. Please note: The contact information will appear exactly as typed in the RoadMaps of clients. Take care to ensure that this information is as you would like it to appear.