Development Update: Updates to Usability of Client Accounts


In a previous update, we allowed i65 professionals users to essentially set up clients – without creating a client account. This provided professionals with the critical functionality of being able to create RoadMaps with or on behalf of their clients without having to log in as each individual client.

Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of this development was that clients no longer has access to the variety of Medicare tools and educational resournces that they would've had if they had their own i65 accounts.

Through this update, professionals can still generate RoadMaps with or on behalf of clients. However, now, once the RoadMap is complete, professionals can then create i65 account for the client. With access to an individual i65 account, clients can view and download their RoadMaps as well as access all the i65 Medicare tools and resources.

3-in-30 Webinar Series: 3 Mistakes When Turning 65 & Still Working

It used to be that, at age 65, people would retire and get Medicare. Not any longer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 9 million Americans 65 or older reported being employed full- or part-time. And still working at Medicare age comes with costly and complicated traps.

The following video of the 3-in-30 webinar (3 Medicare tips in 30 minutes or less) presented on March 15, 2017 teaches you about the three most common and easy-to-make mistakes that your clients still bringing home a paycheck can make.

Session Objectives:

  • Identify one potential problem about contributing to an HSA after age 65.
  • Describe one Medicare enrollment trap for those who sign up for early Social Security.
  • Explain how a Medicare penalty situation relates to working past 65.
  • more!

3-in30 Webinar Series: 3 Costly Medicare Mistakes & How to Help Your Clients Avoid Them3


In this recording of a live webinar hosted on February 15, 2017, nationally-recognized Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, explains how you can help your clients avoid three of the most costly Medicare mistakes.

Why is it critical that you help your clients with Medicare enrollment?

  • 3.6 million people turn 65 each year and become eligible for Medicare.
  • For each of these people, Medicare enrollment is complex and scary. In fact, a single mistake can cost thousands of dollars a year for the rest of one's life.
  • These people want unbiased, individualized Medicare guidance from someone they trust—that's you.
  • Financial Planners Need to Know Their Medicare Stuff

    But, that does not mean that you have to have all those Medicare regulations memorized...

    If you're like most financial professionals today, you most likely get questions from your clients (or prospective clients) about Medicare.

    Unfortunately, these professionals tell us that they best they can do to help their clients is to refer them to, a local Social Security office or an insurance agent. ...Not exactly an ideal way to handle questions from valued clients.

    Watch Your Mailbox for Unrequested “Seamless Conversions”

    It’s a Baby Boomer’s worst nightmare: the deluge of information, both digital and analog, masks a single piece of Medicare-related mail that is responsible for costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars in unwanted costs. Forms sent by sanctioned Medicare Advantage plan providers—or if you’re lucky, a few separately-mailed items—throw a massive monkey wrench in your financial plans.

    Our biggest advice during this open enrollment season

    You probably aren’t surprised at this point, but signing up for Medicare can be very, very complicated. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of important things to be on the lookout for during this year’s open enrollment season. It’s no substitute for reading our other entries on the subject or contacting an expert for assistance, but if you remember these recommendations, it will go a long way toward making sure you don’t end up with thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and bills!

    Check for Sanctions Before Settling on a Medicare Provider During Open or Initial Enrollment

    It’s all well and good to secure your Medicare plan, but one of the many, many things you and your financial planner need to be aware of is the growing list of Medicare plan providers who are under sanctions from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    In Medicare Part D Plans, Cheapest is Not Always Best: Copay vs. Coinsurance

    Several high profile cases in the last year have demonstrated how the cost for life-saving drugs or treatment can increase dramatically without warning. The narratives of Epipen and the anti-parasitic drug Daraprim tell the heart-rending tale of patients abruptly unable to afford a drug that they desperately needed.