Consult directly with a team of nationally-recognized, unbiased medicare experts


Ideal for people:

  • Turning 65 and dealing with Medicare for the first time
  • Older than 65, losing coverage and signing up for Medicare
  • Trying to determine whether to remain on an employer plan or enroll in Medicare

Meet Diane

Our company's founder, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, is a nationally-recognized expert who's been educating people about Medicare for almost four decades. She is regularly featured in national news media and a keynote speaker, teaching people what they need to know to avoid all-too-common and costly Medicare mistakes.

Initial enrollment consultation

Retail Price:
$399 for an individual
$699 for a couple

i65 Credits:
32 for an individual
56 for a couple

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Initial Medicare Enrollment Consultations

Our most extensive and complete Medicare service

Initial Medicare enrollment decisions are crucial. Just one mistake can cost a person thousands — even tens or hundreds of thousands — of dollars! And, all too often, these initial enrollment mistakes can be permanent.

With an Initial Medicare Enrollment Consultation, you'll learn everything you need to enroll in Medicare and know — with certainty — that you've made the right decisions for YOUR unique needs.

What clients are saying:

“My consult was highly specific. Every detail I did not fully understand, my expert did. Because I had this help, the "gotchas" became evident, and I was able to quickly find the best choice for me. I could not have had this confidence without doing a great deal of research. So this consult saved me a great deal of money and a lot of time and effort."   Ron Smart, Colorado
"Trying to find the best healthcare solutions for me was a mini nightmare on my own. Most of the resources were from insurance companies which are obviously biased, so it was difficult to get impartial info. Having a non-biased source of information made my decision much easier and I feel that I have definitely made the right choice for my situation."   Michael DeVito, New Jersey

What you'll learn

Basically, you'll learn everything you need to know to confidently enroll in Medicare and gain an invaluable peace-of-mind that you're avoiding costly mistakes, including:

  • The timing of your Medicare enrollment — Should you sign up now or delay enrollment?
  • The type of Medicare coverage that's best for your unique needs — Taking into consideration both the present and what your needs might be in the future
  • The specific Medicare plans that are in your best interest — Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and/or Part D drug plans
  • How to sign up for Medicare — Through your final report, you'll get very specific, step-by-step enrollment instructions

What's Included

  • A one-on-one consultation, provided via phone or webinar, for 60 minutes for an individual or 90 minutes for a couple
  • One personalized Medicare RoadMap report (two reports for a couple), provided in a PDF format. Each report includes step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions, information about the type of coverage chosen, details about the specific plans recommended, pertinent information to help you understand crucial aspects of your Medicare coverage in the years to come, plus much more.
  • Answers to follow-up questions related to the RoadMap or the consultation

The process:

  1. To get started, click the orange START A CONSULTATION button below. You'll be directed to purchase the consultation and provide some basic contact information.
  2. A representative from 65 Incorporated will contact you to complete a questionnaire helping our team to understanding your unique needs.
  3. Once the questionnaire is completed, 65 Incorporated will contact you once again to schedule a time for your consultation. You will receive an email detailing your call in or webinar log in information.
  4. Please set aside 60 minutes for an indiviudal or 90 minutes for a couple for your consultation.
  5. You will receive a link to download your personalized Medicare RoadMap report (provided in a PDF format) within 5 business days.

One-on-One Consultations

Clients speak directly with experts from 65 Incorporated via telephone, webinar, or (if near SE Wisconsin) in-person.  


Trusted Medicare Experts

The team of consultants at 65 Incorporated are trained and overseen by nationally-recognized Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS.


Personalized Report

Everything you need to know about Medicare, including step-by-step sign-up instructions, are contained within your "Medicare RoadMap."


Unbiased Guidance

65 Incorporated does NOT sell insurance. We work on a fee-for-service basis, meaning our guidance is always in your best interst.

What clients are saying:

“65 Incorporated was a great choice for us because they are unaffiliated with insurers, have long history in the industry, have impeccable credentials and are personable and responsive. We would not have made good choices without their help."   Gail Lansing, Washington
“I got tired of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out Medicare. When I called 65 Incorporated, I was quickly connected to a real person who listened to my questions and gave me good, unbiased advice. Well worth the money."   Matt Krzycki, Florida
“Trying to come out ahead in Medicare without 65 Incorporated would be like going to sea without a compass. I read much about Medicare and talked to friends. But 65 Incorporated turned what I THOUGHT was my best choice upside down. It was so little cost for so much peace of mind — and savings."   Mitch Gallob, New York
“Our consultation was great! I had already done my research, but our advisor was so knowledgeable. She helped us with different options, as well as some considerations that we weren't aware of. As a result, we changed some of our choices to better fit our needs."   Mark Maynard, Alabama
“65 Incorporated offered me a professional solution to my short- and long-term Medicare needs. Without a doubt, this call saved me hundreds of dollars of wasted money and confusion. Please keep up the good work!"   Albert Greene, Mississippi
“Excellent service and follow-up support! They cut through the maze of too much Medicare information and too many complex choices. Great job and thank you!"   James McPhail, Georgia
“I work in the medical field and consider myself pretty sophisticated, but I absolutely could not make sense of Medicare. The complexity made my head spin. Diane not only knew her stuff, but she communicated it extremely clearly and was very responsive to individual needs and concerns. I'm sure I saved more than the $400 fee in the first 10 minutes of our conversation. I can't recommend this service highly enough! Save yourself a big headache and call them!"   Amy Sunshine, New Jersey
“Excellent information and advice that made what appeared to be a difficult decision easy. I only wish I had contacted 65 Incorporated sooner. It would have saved me a bunch of consternation."   Jeff Brundage, Texas

individual CONSULTATION:         Retail Price: $399       i65 Credits: 32

couples CONSULTATION:         Retail Price: $699       i65 Credits: 54

To learn more:   Call 262.240.9860  or email