Improved Access to Client Accounts

In a previous versions of i65 Medicare Mapping software, we allowed professionals to essentially set up clients – without needed a client set up their own i65 account. This meant that you could create easily create RoadMaps with or on behalf of your clients without needing to log in and out as different clients.

Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of this development was that clients no longer had any sort of access to the vast i65 library of Medicare tools and educational resources — including their own RoadMaps.

Through our latest update, you can still generate RoadMaps with or on behalf of clients. However, now, you can allow clients to create accounts to access i65 tools and resources at any time during the process of creating a RoadMap – including after a RoadMap is complete. For those clients who are no longer clients, you can also revoke their access to i65 as well.

To manage a client's access to i65, simply head to a client's listing under the RoadMaps tab located on the top of the screen. Find the client's name and click the gray view button. On the next screen, check (or uncheck) the box next to "Allow client to access i65."

For questions or more information about this software update, please contact i65 support.