Financial Planners Need to Know Their Medicare Stuff

But, that does not mean that you have to have all those Medicare regulations memorized...

If you're like most financial professionals today, you most likely get questions from your clients (or prospective clients) about Medicare.

Unfortunately, these professionals tell us that they best they can do to help their clients is to refer them to, a local Social Security office or an insurance agent. ...Not exactly an ideal way to handle questions from valued clients.


"It's frustrating to not have any tools or resources to help my clients with their Medicare questions."

"We have Social Security optimization tools. How come there isn't something like that for Medicare?"

"I know just enough about Medicare to be dangerous. That's not good enough for my clients, but I don't have time – or, in truth, the interest – to become a Medicare expert."

This is precisely why we created i65: to empower you to help your clients make the best Medicare enrollment decisions for their unique needs – without having to become an expert yourself.

Plus, with i65 in your toolbox, your likely to wind up helping to save your clients thousands of dollars in the process! (How's that for a strong competitive advantage?!)

Think of i65 just like your Social Security optimization tool — but for Medicare enrollment. With i65, you can provide clients and prospects alike with the individualized, easy-to-understand Medicare guidance specific to their needs — all without an insurance sales pitch or any insurance sales bias.

Here are a few important facts to consider:

With i65's Medicare guidance software, you can make sure that your most valuable clients remain with you as they approach 65 and beyond.

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