Save Your Clients' Thousands By Getting to Know Medicare's Open Enrollment Period

Ok, first things first...


What is the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP)?

Each year between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, Medicare beneficiaries have an opportunity to review and change their coverage — either a Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan. It is also called the Annual Coordinated Election Period or the Annual Election Period.

Why does the OEP matter to your clients (and you too)?

Each year, usually around February to April, we see that same thing happen... Social media becomes inundated with comments like this:

  • “Last year, I paid $27 for my medication. This year, it’s $275! Why do those drug companies stick it to us elderly people?”
  • "Why am I suddenly getting these big bills after I see my doctor? I've never had these before!"
  • "I've always gotten my prescriptions from my local pharmacy. Now, the pharmacy is telling me that I have to go somewhere else if I want any of my medications covered. This is not right."

Chances are very high that all of these cases have one thing in common... Like 87% of all Medicare beneficiaries, these people did not pay attention to the Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan change notices sent to them in October. Had they looked, they would have realized that their Medicare coverage was about to cost them much more.

Open Enrollment is your clients' chance to evaluate the coming changes to their Medicare coverage and make a change, if necessary.

Changing plans can save your clients hundred, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands!

Over the last few years, clients of 65 Incorporated (the parent company of i65 Medicare software that is NOT affiliated with the sale of insurance) saved an average of $2,100 simply by reviewing the coverage and making changes as necessary for the coming year. In fact, the most dramatic savings we've seen for simply changing drug plans for one year is $236,000! (Just imagine the thanks you'd get for saving your client that much money!)

Yes, OEP can be a BIG deal – for you and your clients!


You can provide your clients with an unbiased, expert Open Enrollment Medicare review service. These "Medicare Tune-Ups" ensure that your clients get the best coverage for their current needs at the lowest total cost for the coming year. To learn more, call 262.223.3001 or send an email to Melinda for more information.