For millions of Americans, medicare is confusing & scary.

With i65®, YOU can provide your clients with Medicare peace-of-mind through easy-to-understand guidance.

i65® is only software created by a nationally-recognized Medicare expert – Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS. With this unique tool, YOU can give your clients the confidence and peace-of-mind they so desperately they need make the right Medicare decisions and avoid costly Medicare mistakes.

With i65 in your toolbox, your clients get definitive, step-by-step Medicare enrollment guidance quickly and easily – with absolutely no insurance sales.

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"Medicare Planning in a Box"

Check out i65 and our Medicare expert and founder, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, in Bob Veres' Inside Information, October 2017.
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i65 is on the Map!

Check out Michael Kitces' article, "Surveying The Financial Advisor FinTech Landscape" featuring a comprehensive visual "map" of financial advisory FinTech solutions. Yup, we're on it!

Michael Kitces takes notice of i65

Check out i65's first appearance in A Nerd's Eye View by Michael Kitces, September 2017. Click here to read the article now.


The IRMAA (Income-related Monthly Adjustment Amount) tiers that dictate who must pay higher Medicare premiums will go down in 2018.

i65 provides your clients with Medicare enrollment guidance that is fast, simple, expert and unbiased:



Understanding Medicare regulations can takes weeks, months or even years of intensive study. Alternatively, i65 provides expert Medicare enrollment guidance specific to a person's unique needs in as little as 20 minutes!



Trying to decipher all of Medicare's thousands of regulations is enough to give anyone a headache. i65 reduces this regulatory nightmare into a series of easy-to-answer questions and step-by-step enrollment instructions.



i65 is the creation of Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, and the Medicare consulting team of 65 Incorporated. With this simple, yet precise tool, people feel confident that they're making the right Medicare decisions.



i65 is NOT affiliated with insurance companies or the sale of insurance products. Thus, your clients know – without a doubt – that the Medicare enrollment guidance they receive is in their best interest.