i65 educational video:
"Part Two: Understanding the Three Parts and Two Paths of Medicare ”

Describing Medicare as 4 parts is not really accurate and can actually be quite confusing.

At i65, we prefer to teach that Medicare has 3 parts (Part A - hospital insurance, Part B - medical insurance, and Part D - prescription drug coverage) and 2 paths (Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage) on which to get those 3 parts.

In this video, you'll learn the differences between the three parts of Medicare as well as the two paths. You'll also learn why your initial path choice is so important — and potentially costly if you get it wrong.


0:10 — Why we teach 3 parts and 2 paths of Medicare
0:55 — Medicare Part A
1:30 — Medicare Part B
1:55 — Medicare Part D
2:45 — Introducing the paths of Medicare
3:20 — The path of Original Medicare
5:25 — What is a Medigap policy?
7:05 — What is a Guaranteed Issue Right?
8:25 — Typical costs of Original Medicare
9:15 — The path of Medicare Advantage
11:05 – The rules of Medicare Advantage Plans
12:05 — Typical costs of Medicare Advantage
12:25 — Why path decision can become permanent – the bridge
14:15 — What's different in the states of NY, CT, MA, ME