just one medicare mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

Steer clear of expensive Medicare mistakes with i65


Did you know... Just one Medicare enrollment mistake can cost thousands of dollars a year and prevent a person from getting needed healthcare services. Worst of all, many of these mistakes cannot be undone.

In fact, listed below are the experiences of just a few of the many people who've come to Diane Omdahl, Medicare expert and i65 CEO, for help. They've allowed us to share their experience in order to help you avoid making similar mistakes.



Learn from the costly Medicare mistakes of others


Enrolling Too Soon

Carol Y. retired before the age of 65, yet maintained health coverage through her husband's employment. She enrolled in Medicare when she turned 65 on the advice of a trusted associate. When her husband came to Diane Omdahl to review his own Medicare situation, Carol learned that she needlessly enrolled in Medicare – paying Medicare and IRMAA premiums for a 20-month period – a total cost of more than $5,200.


If carol had used i65, she would've saved over $5,200.




When Bill N. turned 65, his employer told him he could delay Medicare enrollment and keep his employer-provided health coverage. Two years later, while working with Diane, Bill learned that he should have enrolled in Medicare.

Bill now faces two years worth of late enrollment penalties – about $400 annually — that he'll pay for the rest of his life.


i65 could have saved Bill thousands of dollars in Medicare penalties.



Gerald P. asked Diane for help switching the type of Medicare coverage after receiving thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

Unfortunately, when Gerald initially purchased his coverage, he did not understand that, while he would always maintain the ability to switch specific plans, he could lose the ability to change the type of Medicare coverage.

Gerald is now stuck in a plan with higher co-pays and restrictive provider networks – costing him $2,000 to $3,000+ or more per year for the rest of his life.


i65 would've given Gerald a clear understanding of his choices.