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i65 provides you with unbiased, expert Medicare enrollment guidance that is both fast and easy-to-understand. Plus, you'll get access to all the tools and resources available in the i65 suite.

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For a one-time price of only $65, you'll get:

Timing Your Medicare Enrollment

Should you enroll in Medicare or now, or should you delay? Get specific timing recommendations based upon critical factors, such as:

  • Status of Social Security benefits
  • Your employer and specific healthcare coverage
  • Whether or not you have dependents on your plan
  • Your income
  • plus more
Choosing a Type of Medicare Coverage

If you need to enroll in Medicare now, i65 provides you with specific, insurance-agnostic Medicare coverage recommendations to help you make a decision that's best for YOUR unique needs. Through i65, you'll explore:

  • Original Medicare with a Supplement
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Retiree coverage (if available)
  • plus more
Unbiased Help to Select Specific Plans

What specific Medicare Advantage, Supplement or Part D drug plan would be best for you? i65 provides you with resources to help you get the coverage that's best for you.

  • State-specific Medicare purchasing guides
  • Video guides and comparison worksheets to help you select the right Medicare Advantage or Part D drug plan
  • Insurance agent matching. i65 can match you with an independent agent that can help you find the best specific plans for your unique needs. You get the agent's contact information, but that agent will not be able to call you!

Personalized Medicare RoadMap Report

RoadMaps are unique reports that include unbiased, expert Medicare recommendations specific to your specific needs. Here are some topics that your RoadMap may include:

  • Specific, step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions
  • Whether to enroll in Medicare now or delay coverage, and why
  • How to make the most of to your chosen type of Medicare coverage
  • Important points to know if you'd like to switch coverage types later in life
  • plus more

Learn More About RoadMaps

Valuable Medicare Resources

i65 provides you with a library of easy-to-understand tools and resources, including:

  • IRMAA (higher Medicare premiums) calculator
  • State-specific step-by-step Medigap purchasing guides
  • Video programs to help you pick the best Part D or Medicare Advantage plans for you
  • Guides to help you with Medicare's annual Open Enrollment Period
  • Important Medicare links in one handy place
  • plus more

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Upgrade to a One-on-One Consultation

If you decide that you'd like to transition to a one-on-one consultation directly with an unbiased Medicare expert, we'll apply the cost of i65 to any 65 Incorporated consultation.

Medicare Mail Newsletter

Through this highly-rated, twice monthly enewsletter, you'll stay up-to-date about the most crucial Medicare-related topics.

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