“Medicare is so complicated, it should come with a user manual.”

Now, everything you need to know about YOUR Medicare comes in one handy document known as your i65 Medicare RoadMap.

With i65, you get your own custom “Medicare RoadMap,” including step-by-step enrollment instructions.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a document that is basically the equivalent of a Medicare instruction manual? When you use i65, you get your own personalized Medicare RoadMap — a crucial document is customized specific needs that includes:

  • Specific step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions, including web site links and how to answers to certain question
  • When to take action regarding Medicare
  • What type of Medicare coverage you chose and what factors influenced you in that crucial decision
  • Guidance for selecting specific Part D, Medicare Supplement, and/or Medicare Advantage plans
  • Information about:
    • Medicare's Open Enrollment period
    • How Part D drug coverage works
    • Preventative services included under Medicare
    • Medicare and long-term care
    • How to find doctors that take Medicare
  • Plus much more!