“Medicare is so complicated, it should come with a user manual.”  Now it can.

An i65 RoadMap is Medicare peace-of-mind on paper.

With i65, you basically get your own personalized Medicare instruction manual.

Your custom Medicare RoadMap includes:

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions
  • Exactly when to take action with Medicare
  • What type of Medicare coverage is best for your unique needs... and why
  • How to get the best specific Part D, Medicare Supplement, and/or Medicare Advantage plans
  • Information to help you in the years to come, such as:
    • Medicare's Open Enrollment period
    • How Part D drug coverage works (including the "donut hole")
    • Preventative services included under Medicare
    • Long-term care and Medicare
    • How to find doctors that take Medicare
  • Plus much more!

To learn more:   Call 262.240.9860  or email info@i65.com