VIDEO: Medicare enrollment has six steps. Here’s why you need to do all the steps in the correct order.

For millions of Americans,
medicare is confusing & scary.

Get the critical Medicare timing and coverage type recommendations you need to avoid costly, permanent mistakes with i65.


Step One: Determing Your Timing — A SPECIALTY OF I65
Should you enroll in Medicare when you turn 65 or should you be delaying Medicare enrollment? A lot of regulations determine the timing of Medicare. Unfortunately, these regulations are often unknown or misunderstood. As a result, people wind up making costly, permanent Medicare mistakes by enrolling too soon or too late. i65 always begins be determing the Medicare enrollment timing that's right for your unique needs.


Step Two: Choose Your Type of Coverage — A SPECIALTY OF I65
Which type of Medicare coverage is best for your needs — Original Medicare with a Supplement, Medicare Advantage, a retiree plan, military coverage, etc.? There is no such thing as a perfect choice; there is only what is best for your unique needs. It's important to take a look at all your options and choose what's best for YOU. i65 gets to know your unique needs and makes coverage recommendations, but, through the education provided, you make the final decision about what type of coverage you feel is best for you.


Step Three: Select Specific Plans
Because of the amount of marketing materials they get when they are about to turn 65, people mistakenly think that Medicare enrollment is all about picking a United Healthcare or a Humana plan. But, don't be fooled! Wait until step three to actually pick specific plans. PLEASE NOTE: i65 has tools and resources, including insurance agent finder tools, that can help you with this step, but i65 does NOT sell Medicare insurance.


Step Four: Enroll in the Parts of Medicare — A SPECIALTY OF I65
This is the step where you engage with the Social Security Administration to enroll in Parts A and/or B of Medicare. Your i65 RoadMap provides you with very specific step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions specific to your unique situation.

Step Five: Enroll in the Specific Plans
Once you are officially on the Medicare roster, you can sign on the dotted line for the specific plans you chose in step three. PLEASE NOTE: i65 does not sell Medicare insurance. However, the software does have tools and resources that can assist you in choosing coverage or finding an independent agent to assist you.


Step Six: Review Your Coverage Annual
Each year, Part D drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans essentially change how they work. They change premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, drug formularies, physician networks, pharmacy networks, and more. If you are not watching how your coverage will change in the coming year, quite frankly, you're the one left paying the bill. i65 provides you with tools and resources to help you review your coverage annually, or you may turn to an independent agent for this assistance.

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i65 provides you with fast, simple, expert and unbiased Medicare enrollment guidance.

VIDEO: Finally, a clear picture of how Medicare works — three parts and two paths.



Understanding Medicare regulations can takes weeks, months or even years of intensive study. Alternatively, i65 provides you with expert Medicare enrollment guidance specific to your unique needs in as little as 20 minutes!



Trying to decipher all of Medicare's thousands of regulations is enough to give anyone a headache. i65 reduces this regulatory nightmare into a series of easy-to-answer questions and step-by-step enrollment instructions.



i65 is the creation of Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, and the Medicare consulting team of 65 Incorporated. With this simple, yet precise tool, you'll feel confident that you're making the right Medicare decisions.



i65 is NOT affiliated with insurance companies or the sale of insurance products. Thus, you know – without a doubt – that the Medicare enrollment guidance you receive is in your best interest.


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