Would you like to use i65 for FREE. Yes, we said FREE!


Ok... here's the deal.

The crew behind i65 is looking to test a new, potentially better way for financial advisors to use the Medicare guidance software – namely, for FREE.

Yes. You heard correctly. We're looking to test the feasibility of financial advisors using i65 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So, what's the catch? If you're not paying for it, who is?

Over the last few years, we received MANY requests from financial advisors for i65 to be able to recommend insurance agents that can then help their clients get enrolled in the specific plans that are best their unique needs.

We've also received MANY requests from insurance agents to potentially be partnered up with financial advisors in need of agents. And, these agents are willing to pay for financial advisors to use the software in order to have this chance.

So, let's be clear about what we're looking for...

  • You must be a financial advisors with at least 10 clients turning 65 over the next six to twelve months.
  • You are willing to test the i65 with your clients by either running them through the software in a one-on-one consultation setting or by allowing them to go through the software on their own.
  • You will get full access to the i65 Medicare software at NO CHARGE to you or your clients, including an unlimited number of client reports, access to all the i65 tools and resources, team training and additional support as needed from Melinda Caughill (CMO and Co-founder at i65).
  • Your clients will be matched up with a pre-screened independent insurance agent. This agent's contact information will appear in your client's RoadMap. The agent will receive your client's name and email address, but NO other contact information (such as phone number).
  • You will provide us with feedback as you use i65 free or charge. What's working well? What's not working at all? What do your clients like or dislike about the i65 process?

Interested? Want to learn more?

Simply complete the contact form below to have Melinda Caughill, CMO and i65 Co-founder, contact you. Or, you may also contact Melinda directly at (262) 223-3001 to learn more.

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