1/6/19 Software Update: Insurance Agent Finder Resources and White Labelling

One of the most frequent questions we receive after someone uses i65 is “Now that I know what type of insurance I need, how do I find someone who can sell a specific plan to me?”

Because we don’t sell insurance and we do not have relationships with insurance agents around the country, we’ve never had a particularly good answer to that question — until now.

Introducing Insurance Agent Finder Resources


Beginning February 1, 2019, in addition to the standard Medicare.gov links, every i65 RoadMap will include phone numbers and web links that can be used to contact one or more Insurance Agent Finder Resources.

These national resources are not individual insurance agents and they are not insurance companies. They are organizations that help people locate qualified, independent insurance agents who are licensed to sell exactly the type of Medicare coverage recommended through the i65 process.

These insurance-related resources will NOT pay i65 to be included in RoadMaps. We are adding these Insurance Agent Finder Resources as a convenience to the end user who would like to be able to use an independent insurance agent but does not have a relationship with a Medicare sales agent.

The i65 team will monitor the relationships with these various finder resources to ensure they are serving the best interest of the client. Any Finder Resource not doing so will be removed from the i65 platform. If an end user chooses to use a Finder Resource and purchases a policy from an agent discovered through the service, 65 Incorporated (the parent company of i65) may receive a one-time affiliate fee.

“What if I have my own insurance resources I refer my clients to?”

Not a problem! If you have an insurance agent you usually refer to or you’re simply not comfortable with our Insurance Agent Finder Resources, you can replace the default resources with your own using the new white labeling functionality.

Introducing White Labeling for All i65 Users

As of January 1, 2019, every financial planner (not just those of the premium level or above) can now access white labeling toolset.

White labeling empowers you to customize several functions of the i65 software, including:

  • Substituting the i65 logo on the software interface with your own
  • Customizing the content of invitation emails sent to your clients
  • Replacing the Insurance Agent Finder Resources on the resources page of your clients' Medicare RoadMap reports
  • Adding custom content to your clients' RoadMaps

You can access the white labeling controls by logging into i65 and clicking on the “White Labeling” link on the right hand side of the page under the “Your i65 Customizations” section on the home page.

With the addition of Insurance Agent Finder Resources and white labeling, i65 is an even more powerful and valuable tool to both financial planners and their customers who are about to enroll in Medicare.

As always, if you have any questions about these new features and functions you can contact us at 262-223-3001 or email us at support@i65.com.