2019 Updates Complete

As of 1/5/19, we've completed the i65 updates for 2019.

Among the content updated:

  • Medicare coverage amounts and premiums, including the Part B premium, Part B annual deductible, Part A hospitialization deductible, etc.
  • IRMAA amounts
  • Medigap coverage updates (including notes on Plan C and F no longer being sold as of 2020)
  • Small employer plans versus Medicare comparison tool
  • Large employer plans versus Medicare comparison tool
  • Custom-branded Medicare basics client presentations (available to clients at the Starter level and above)
  • All four issues of Medicare Milestones (available to clients at the Pro level and above)
  • ... plus more.

If you have any questions or concerns about i65 updates for 2019, please contact us at support@i65.com or call 262-223-3001.