How to Use Medicare Milestones Issues Most Effectively


Medicare Milestones are four-page "newsletters" that present your clients with only the most crucial information related single Medicare subject, such as Medicare Part D drug coverage or the three Parts (A, B, D) of Medicare, etc. Whenever possible, this information is presented using visuals — charts, graphics, bullet lists, etc. — to keep client interested and engaged.

But how should you use the Medicare Milestones to best effect? Here are some suggestions for use.

  • Determine a schedule of clients that will turn 65 over the next 12 month period.
  • Use the following suggested mailing schedule:
    1. When your client is about to turn 64, send issue #1,"Turning 65: The Parts of Medicare," (See illustration 1) along with a birthday card. In the card, include the your own version of the following note:
      Happy 64th Birthday! Just know that Medicare is on the horizon now and we've got your back. Whenever you're ready to learn more about your Medicare decisions, just give us a call. We can help you make the best decisions for your unique needs. In the mean time, happy birthday and happy reading!
    2. Four months after your client's 64th birthday, send issue #2, "Turning 65: The Paths of Medicare," (See illustration 2)along with a post-it or paper-clipped note stating:
      Any day now, you'll begin receiving a flood of Medicare-related marketing materials. When this happens (if it hasn't already), we can help you! Make an appointment now to get the expert, unbiased enrollment guidance you need to make the best Medicare decisions.
    3. Eight months after your client's 64th birthday, send issue #3, "Turning 65: A Primer for Medicare Part D," (See illustration 3) along with an appointment reminder card and a note:
      It's time to begin making important Medicare enrollment decisions. Give us a call or use this appointment card to schedule a time that's convenient for you to go over your Medicare needs. Please don't delay. We can help you avoid costly and potentially permanent Medicare mistakes.
  • In the month of September of each year, send any clients over the age of 65 the Medicare Open Enrollment issue (See illustration 4) with a note reminding clients of the importance of reviewing their Part D drug coverage or Medicare Advantage plan for the coming year.

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