A New Medicare Basics Presentation — With a Hook!

One of the most best marketing tools available to you through i65 has always been the Medicare Basics presentation. But, the best just got better!


i65 clients at the Starter level or higher can check out the new 2019 version of their fully scripted and branded Medicare Basics presentation now available in your marketing tools folder. If you don't remember how to access your marketing folder, please contact support to have your marketing materials link resent to you.

Here's a preview of what's new:

  • New visualizations of case studies (In presentations, looking good matters!)
  • New slides providing more details about Medigap policies and the super-critical Guaranteed Issue Right
  • 2019 Medicare updates


  • A brand new appointment-setting hook!

About "The Hook" One of the biggest challenges is getting people to attend presentations. (Luckily, a presentation about Medicare is one of the most popular topics out there!) The last thing you want to do is squander the opportunity you now have with that new butt in the seat by not making an "ask." You need that lead to make a follow-up appointment with you where you can help the client with their specific Medicare needs — in addition to introducing the client to all the other things you do so well.

With the new i65 Medicare Basics presentation, the "ask for the appointment" is now built right into the script along with a very nice lure — a completely individualized report detailing everything they need to know about Medicare based upon their unique needs.

Don't wait! Check it out your updated presentation today.

If you need assistance with marketing strategies or suggestions for how put on a good educational presentation, please reach out to Melinda. As our Chief Marketing Officer, it's what she does best.