you already have social security optimization software.

Now, it's time to try Medicare Enrollment optmization software.

For the 3.6 million Americans turning 65 each year, Medicare enrollment is confusing and scary. In fact, just one mistake can cost your clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, other than complex and confusing government resources or insurance sales tools, very few resources exist to help people make the right Medicare decisions for their unique needs... until now.

With i65 Medicare enrollment guidance software, you'll be able to provide your clients with the individualized, expert guidance they need to make the best Medicare enrollment decisions.

stop avoiding your clients' critcial medicare needs

With i65®, you can answer your client's Medicare questions – without having to become an expert!

Quite frankly, you don't have the time or the interest to become an expert on Medicare regulations. Now, with the revolutionary new software program, i65, you don't have to!

Using i65, you'll be able to provide your clients with individualized, expert Medicare guidance immediately on day one. With your help, your clients will be able to make important Medicare enrollment decisions quickly and easily with confidence.

How the i65 process works:


Introduce the benefits of unbiased, expert Medicare guidance.

For your existing and potential clients who are 64 years of age and older, Medicare is confusing, scary and fraught with expensive mistakes.

Show them that YOU can provide expert Medicare guidance while eliminating fear, uncertainty and any question of sales bias.


Guide your clients through a series of easy-to-answer questions.

With i65, your clients answer simple questions about their unique situation, including:

  • Social Security enrollment
  • Any existing health coverage
  • Their unique health, financial and lifestyle needs
    ... plus more.

Provide your clients with a custom Medicare enrollment report and invaluable Medicare enrollment tools.*

At the end of the i65 process, your clients receive a easy-to-follow, individualized "Medicare RoadMap" detailing:

  • Step-by-step directions to enroll in Medicare
  • Why this is the right course of action for their needs
  • How to avoid costly Medicare mistakes ... plus more.

They'll also get access to exclusive i65 expert-created, easy-to-use tools and resources, including:

  • State-specific guides to picking Medigap plans
  • Video programs to help clients choose specific Part D or Medicare Advantage plans
  • IRMAA calculators and resources
  • Comparison guides to determine whether its best to remain in an existing health plan or switch to Medicare
  • ... plus more.

Did you know — The average age of the highest net worth clients is 65.

Your best clients expect you to help them with their Medicare decisions — and now you can!

According to a study published by Vanguard and SpectremGroup, when the top three affluent investor groups ranked the services they plan to seek from their financial advisors in the future, “Planning for Long-term Care” was ranked number one across all three groups. This category includes planning for healthcare in retirement which, first and foremost, means Medicare.

With i65, you'll be able to proactively engage your clients in planning discussions about Medicare enrollment and the many other related topics, including estate planning, Social Security timing, and more.

According to the study, “This is fertile territory for advisors who wish to mine the gold.”

Don't be left behind... Find out why financial advisors across the nation are fighting to be the among the first professionals to use i65.

i65 is software you can trust to use with all your clients

Developed by Medicare experts without any insurance sales bias


i65 is the creation of 65 Incorporated and nationally-recognized Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS.

Through years of providing one-on-one consultations with seniors, along with their children, financial planners, and healthcare providers, the team at 65 Incorporated saw a huge need for honest and understandable Medicare information that didn't end in an insurance sales pitch.

The result is i65 Medicare guidance software.

Today, you can use i65 to provide your clients with the same expert, individualized, and unbiased Medicare guidance that 65 Incorporated provides to its clients through one-on-one consultations.