Get to Know Your Ask-An-Expert Q&A Benefit


One of the benefits of using i65 (even at the lowest levels) is knowing that you never, ever have to say “I don't know” to clients when they ask you Medicare-related questions.

The experts at i65 and our parent company, 65 Incorporated, have your back.

Whenever you run into a Medicare question you don't know the answer to, simply head to By providing us with some basic information about your client's question and specific situation, our team of Medicare experts will put together an answer that you then share with your client.

For very complex cases or in situations where the client has made mistakes and now has limited options moving forward, we may ask that your client do a one-on-one consultation directly with a Medicare expert. One-on-one consultations require additional fees. For this reason, we make this recommendation only when it's absolutely necessary.