Educational webinar

Clients Still Working at Age 65—How to Avoid Costly Medicare Mistakes


Help your clients avoid the all-too-common and costly Medicare mistakes made by those people who plan to continue working after age 65.

How do you address the Medicare concerns of your clients? Do you have them visit a Social Security office or go to Maybe you refer them to an insurance agent or give them some basic information on Medicare? Or, are you essentially telling them to go away?

People 60+ are some of the most valuable clients that financial advisors can have. When the "Medicare Bomb" goes off in their lives, do you really want your clients searching for answers from other sources... maybe even from other advisors?

Protect the valuable relationships you have with your clients. Learn how to help address their Medicare concerns – and reap the rewards – in this invaluable presentation, featuring real life case studies.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to address the most common Medicare concerns of clients turning 65 who plan to continue working
  • The most common Medicare mistakes people still working after age 65 make, featuring real life case studies
  • Why the Medicare conversation is so critical for financial advisors have with their 60+ aged clients
  • How the Medicare conversation can help you improve relationships with existing clients and gain invaluable client referrals