IRMAA is about to change...

Your clients could pay thousands more for Medicare for 2018...
Are you ready to help them?

NOW AVAILABLE - Watch the recording of the webinar below

If you have not yet had the "pleasure" of meeting IRMAA (Income-related Monthly Adjustment Amount), allow us to introduce you... It is essentially higher Part B and Part D Medicare premiums for beneficiaries with higher incomes.

In 2018, the tiers that dictate who must pay IRMAA and by how much were reduced.

During this CRITICAL “3-in-30” Webinar , Medicare expert Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, will teach you:

  • the basics about IRMAA and how you may be missing out on saving your clients thousands of dollars (Click here to learn more about IRMAA basics now)
  • how IRMAA is changing in 2018
  • why the upcoming IRMAA changes may alter the financial advice you provide to your clients
  • ... plus more!

UPDATE - The FINAL Part B IRMAA amounts are available here.