Welcome to “A Guide to Choosing a Part D Prescription Drug Plan: Using the Plan Finder" Video Series


This video program, customized specifically for i65 users, serves as a guide to enrolling in Medicare and choosing a Medicare Advantage plan with drug coverage.


Before watching the six videos in this program, i65 recommends that you:

  • Complete the i65 software and read through your Medicare RoadMap

  • Download the handout materials and read the Preface

  • Gather your prescription medication

  • Print the Plan Comparison Worksheet (page 17 of the handouts), and

  • Point your web browser to www.Medicare.gov


Video #1

Medicare Part D prescription drug plan basics

Video #2

Steps 1-2 of using the Medicare Plan Finder

Video #3

Steps 3 and 4 of using the Plan Finder

Video #4

Understanding Part D drug coverage rules

Video #5

The four stages of drug coverage

Video #6

Comparing plan quality and enrolling in a plan