i65 educational video:
"Part Three: The Six Steps of Medicare Enrollment”

This video introduces you to the six steps of Medicare enrollment:

Step One: Check Your Medicare Timing
Step Two: Choose Your Medicare Path (Type of Medicare Coverage)
Step Three: Select Your Specific Medicare Plans
Step Four: Enroll in Medicare
Step Five: Sign up for Specific Medicare Plans
Step Six: Review your Medicare Coverage Annually

You'll also learn why it's crucial that you do all six steps — and in the correct order — through case studies of real people who've made costly Medicare mistakes.


0:05 — The Medicare enrollment process has six steps
0:10Step One: Check Your Timing
0:35 — The three most common Medicare enrollment periods
1:35 — Step One case study
2:55Step Two: Choose your Medicare path
3:40 — Step Two case study
4:40Step Three: Select your specific plans
5:25Step Four: Enroll in Medicare
5:25Step Five: Enroll in your specific plans
6:00Step Six: Review your coverage annually
6:30 — Step Six case study
7:05 — Most resources and tools only help with Steps 3 through 6
7:40 — But what, other than self-study, helps people with Steps 1 and 2 — the regulatory-intensive steps where most permanent Medicare mistakes are made?
8:10 — Luckily, you're here! Introducing the i65 tool that is specifically designed to assist with Steps 1 and 2 of Medicare enrollment.