i65 educational video:
"Part Four: How to get unbiased, expert Medicare guidance personalized for your situation”

How do you get the unbiased, expert Medicare guidance that you need to make the right Medicare decisions and avoid costly mistakes?

Consider trying the i65 is a Medicare guidance software. By asking some simple questions, the software gets to know your unique situation and then makes timing and coverage type recommendations and educates you about why these recommendations were made. But, the final decision is always yours to make. Then, at the end of the process, you'll receive a personalized Medicare RoadMap detailing everything you need to know about your Medicare situation. This RoadMap includes step-by-step enrollment instructions as well as valuable information to assist you in understanding Medicare coverage for years to come. Visit www.i65.com to learn more.


0:00 — In this video, you'll learn about a unique way to get Medicare timing and type recommendations specific to your needs
0:20 — i65 Medicare enrollment guidance software does not sell Medicare insurance. It provides Medicare timing and coverage type recommendations after getting to know your unique needs.
0:55 — With i65, you'll receive your own personalized Medicare enrollment report, called a Medicare RoadMap.
1:05 — Your RoadMap includes step-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions as well as invaluable Medicare information specific to your situation.
1:30 — Learn how to create your own personalized Medicare RoadMap report.
9:45 — Take a peek inside a Medicare RoadMap and see what's included.
13:10 — To learn more about i65 and how to get your own Medicare RoadMap, visit www.i65.com